Kiera + Tyler {Engagement} // Washington Headquarters, Newburgh, NY

When Kiera booked me as her wedding photographer, she knew right off the bat that she wanted a wintery wonderland engagement session. So we scheduled a little in advance for the first weekend in January. If you, my friend, are reading this and are local to the Hudson Valley, then you will know that January played a lot games. From warm temperatures to just rain fall. We rescheduled a couple of times before we just decided to go ahead with a Saturday, rain or shine. I’ve never been so happy for a snow fall when it started to snow 30 minutes before our session. Here is a peek into Kiera & Tylers engagement session done at Washington Headquarters in Newburgh, NY.

 Thanks for reading! If you or you know anyone who is engaged and still in need of a photographer, I’d love to be considered! I still have a handful of dates for 2020 and am booking for 2021. Woohoo!


Landon + Angie {Engaged} | Hudson Valley, NY Wedding Photographer

Happy Monday!!!! How about an engagement session to start the week!

Landon and Angie wanted a beautiful fall engagement session. They chose a location hidden in the Hudson Valley. Seriously — it was a beautiful little nook hidden in a park. We walked through the most gorgeous leaves to a hidden creek. Angie also made sure to bring hot cocoa and mugs to enjoy during the session. 🙂

I am soo looking forward to their wedding this year at Locust Grove!!

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Juan Carlo + Shiela {Engaged} | New York Engagement Photographer

April cannot come soon enough! I am totally looking forward to photographing this beautiful couple’s wedding. When we did their engagement session last summer, we woke up at the crack of dawn to avoid the New York City crowd as well as to take advantage of that morning light! NYC is such a beautiful backdrop for any session!

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 15

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! How was everyone’s holiday??! I hope well. We continue this blog series with a post that I adore!

Rachel’s engagement session.


It was an honor photographing my sister-in-law’s engagement session. Truly a day that I will never forget. In this post, I [Erica] will give some tips or suggestions to brides out there on how to make the most of your engagement session.



Why do an engagement session?? I like to think of the engagement session as a practice run of what to expect before the big day! It’s a day where both you and your significant other, as well as the photographer, get to see how you all work together. If I had a dollar for every time a couple has mentioned that they don’t photograph well, or that my boyfriend is silly and doesn’t know how to take nice picture, etc., I would be rich! My couples get to see how I direct them in order to get those fun loving pictures that I capture. Another reason why you should do an engagement session is that it’s an opportunity to get pictures as a couple.


Location: The perfect location is actually the location where you both would go out on a Saturday afternoon or night. It should be a place representing what you like to do. Don’t worry about picking out the most scenic location because I can make a parking garage look spectacular. I have photographed in couples homes because they wanted to celebrate buying their first home. I’ve photographed at a park playing basketball since my couple loved basketball. I’ve even photographed at a mall. I always say, keep it true to you!

Wardrobe: Wear comfortable clothes that you like and make you feel good. Where clothes with complimentary colors. One should be in a pattern while the other can wear a bright color. Accessorize and don’t forget to paint your nails. And guys should wear pants with pockets.





Engagement sessions are a lot of fun! You can expect to laugh a lot with me if I’m photographing your engagement session. You can expect that at some point I’m going to do a happy dance! You can expect me acting out what I would like for you to do with my assistant Rachel! That’s always fun to see.









If you have any questions – write them below in the comments!

Isn't her ring gorgeous??!!
Isn’t her ring gorgeous??!!

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The Creativity Project | “Soft Focus”

I cannot lie – this was a pretty difficult theme for this month’s Creativity Project. I don’t even know if my interpretation is spot on but I tried. lol Since I’m in my final weeks of pregnancy, I haven’t been able to take out my camera as much as I want to so I decided to search my archives.





Please continue the circle to the lovely Singwa Lim to see her interpretation of this month’s theme! We also would love to see your interpretation so make sure to post the Creativity Project’s Facebook Page.

Couples Session Giveaway | Hudson Valley, NY Photography

It all started with a school bus and “Destiny’s Child”. I was a sophomore in high school and he was a junior. It was a few weeks before Valentines Day, school had ended and I was walking to my bus to go home. I sat down and heard my favorite song at the time, “No No No.” Hahaha As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but laugh at myself. I was too shy to yell to the bus driver to raise the volume of the radio so I turned around and hit the first person I saw. So much for being shy, right. I hit him on the leg and said, “Tell the bus driver to raise up this song!” He stared at me probably thinking who is this girl and why did she just hit me. He obliged and there I sat singing to myself the song. I also said to him, “Now if they start playing “Fabolous”–I don’t care, I’m getting up and dancing!” WOW!!! I WAS A DORK.


Now what I didn’t know was that he had seen me get on the bus everyday from the first day of school. From my memory, I never knew he had existed nor rode the same bus as me. He says it was love at first meet. I can’t say the same on my end.  He was very persistent, and that was what won me over to be his girlfriend the following year; we’ve been together ever since.

I told my story now it’s time to tell yours! I’m doing a couples giveaway. Tell the story of how you and your significant other met. The best “How We Met” story will win a FREE couples session with me! You will have about a month (until March 13th) to enter. Kindly email me a photo of the two of you and your story to

Engaged? Not engaged? Married? Looking for an updated photo of you and your love? This is the contest for you so get to writing!



  1. You must be a fan/”LIKE” my Facebook page.
  2. Winner will receive a 30 min session and a DVD of 20 High Res Images
  3. For my NYC, NJ and PA fans, if you win, you’ll have to travel to me. {I’m really not that far from y’all.}
  4. I will post the top three stories on my Facebook page and ask the viewers to vote for their favorite, which will be the winner.

I cannot wait to hear your stories! Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!!!!

Charlie + Trisha {Couples} // Hudson Valley, NY Couples and Lifestyle Photographer

Happy Hump Day!!!!! This evening on my blog I’m featuring a lifestyle/couple session from two good friends of mine. The reason why I’m not calling it an engagement session is because they’ve been actually married for over 5 years. These two are high school sweethearts and thought it would be a great idea to have updated pictures of them. I was super excited!!! These were taken at Lawrence Farm Orchards. Enjoy and send these two some love by commenting below!!!























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George + Tianna {Engaged} | Hudson Valley, NY Photographer

I’m finally catching up with posting some of my sessions from over the summer. George and Tianna are such a cute couple. From what I understand, it wasn’t love at first sight. One didn’t like the other, but you know things change. I was the same way. I didn’t like my husband when we first met but here we are 7 years married! I’m soo excited for them! Here are a few of my favorites from their session.












Ramny + Dayami {Engaged} | New York City & Hudson Valley, NY Photographer

I felt so honored to have received an inquiry for an engagement session from two beautiful couples who lived in the City! And before actually meeting face to face together, I knew that I would immediately love these two. I have a questionnaire that I always give to my couples when they choose me so that I can get to know them as well as help me figure out what they expect from me. When we spoke on the phone, they requested a Vintage/Urban theme but at the same time they entrusted my creative juices. I love consultations where the couples trust me creatively! Here are some of my favorite photos!



















Stay tuned for photos from their wedding!!!!


Fall Mini Sessions 2013

Fall is quickly approaching and holiday cards are around the corner!!!


Fall Mini Sessions are designed for families or couples to get updated photos without paying for a full specialized session.

WHO: Anyone (maximum 6 people*)

WHAT: 30 Minutes. $75. 10 Photos on a cd with full printing rights for you to do what ever you’d like with them.

WHEN: Saturday, September 28th

WHERE: Location TBD

email me at to book with your first and second request time slots!!!

Time slots are limited so you book yours quickly!!

8:00-8:30am — Open

8:45-9:15am — Open

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10:15-10:45am — Open

11:00-11:30am — BOOKED

Possible additional sessions may be offered depending on the amount of requests.