{Weekly PhotoBooth}

Hello Everyone!!! It’s been awhile since we last typed. This will be the first installation of my “Weekly PhotoBooth.” What is this “Weekly PhotoBooth” you ask???? Well, it will be just some fun pictures taken from my iPhone. I thought it would just be fun for the blogging experience.

This weeks roundup has to do with Thanksgiving last week. I pray everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My job participated in a food drive to help the local food pantries since they have been depleted due to Hurricane Sandy.  Two Sundays ago, I taught Sunday School at my church. We made turkeys and I had the children write what they were thankful for on the feathers. They were so adorable!  I had a blast spending time with family and also Black Friday shopping with my sister in law. We go every year. It’s a tradition. As you can tell, we are pretty serious about it with our “preferred parking!” hehehehe

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

{A Day In The Life: Shooting Ikea}

I recently went to Ikea with one of my best friends and her daughter. Have you ever been to Ikea???? If not, take the time to visit because that store is amazing!!!! I should forewarn you, you will spend money. I would advise you to go on a day that you have nothing else to do because you will easily spend hours walking around. The store is huge and you will definitively want to see everything.

Here are some pictures from my day:

Check out this room!! It would be a great boys room.
We can also play pretend at Ikea!

Isn’t she adorable???
Had to get a shot by one of the many Christmas trees displayed at the store.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!!

{Lets Catch Up}

“She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.” Proverbs 31:17

It is my daily prayer that I can be a “Proverbs 31” wife! I mean–she’s amazing and has everything covered without breaking a sweat! I have read those versus a lot more lately because my photography has picked up and I have had to learn how to juggle everything in my life. I do have a full time job at an accounting firm, which I love, that has me coming home around 6:00pm Monday thru Friday. Between that, cooking, cleaning and now photography, I do not want it to affect my home life.

Lets view some of my photos from past sessions this year. {Click on the images to view large}

My first Shoot {Orange County, NY Photographer}

If I have to start somewhere, might as well start from the beginning with my first photo shoot! It was a maternity session that I wanted to do for one of my best friends. 

This beautiful family was expecting a son!
Isn’t she stunning??
I also had to include their beautiful daughter!!!

I had a fun time photographing this family and if your wondering what their baby boy looks like, I had the opportunity of shooting pictures for his baby announcement.

{Through my lens}

“Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.” Psalm 119:35

Hello everyone and welcome to the world of EricaLee Photography!!! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and hope you come back real soon! I have begun to embark on an amazing journey that I pray continues to blossom. This journey started with finding out who I am and my identity. I’ve always had an artistic gift, my husband says, but I never knew where it fit in until recently when my love for photography and artistic ability clashed heads. Almost two years ago, I asked for a camera for my birthday with no objective behind it other than the fact that my old camera broke. Therefore, I wanted a new camera, but a “nicer” new camera. I was given a Nikon D5000 and boy she’s a beauty. However, it wasn’t until this past year where I started to tap into the artistry of photography.  I just started to feel a drive to be a photographer and rode with it. This is only the beginning but I just feel so blessed with what I have done thus far. With God I know nothing is impossible and I pray that I continue on with the momentum that I’ve had.

I plan on displaying my work on this blog and letting you in on my life {through my lens}.