“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 22

Today’s post is about the beauty of your bouquet and flowers!!!!

“Flowers, flowers, flowers… When I began talking to Art about flowers, of course he could care less. He just doesn’t understand how important flowers are to a wedding! Flowers provide the prettiest little details from the bouquets and boutonnieres to ceremony decorations and centerpieces.
So, first let’s talk about my vision.. I can honestly say that I do not know a single thing about flowers.. All I know is that they look pretty 🙂 I don’t know types of flowers.. So I simply typed into Pinterest “yellow and white flowers” and looked for something that I liked 🙂 I quickly noticed the three types of flowers really stood out to me.. Baby’s Breath, Daisies and Billy Balls. A combination of the three of them will be the majority of my flowers, but I wanted my bouquet to be a little bit different. When I saw the pin of the bride’s bouquet, I absolutely fell in love! {After speaking to my wonderful florist} I discovered the other flowers in the bouquet are roses, sweetheart roses, alstromeria and hydrangea.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.30.32 PM

Now that I knew just about what I wanted… The next step was finding a florist. I shopped around and looked at a few, but I felt what they were offering for the price was just a little too steep for me. Then I stumbled upon {Erica and I had actually worked a previous wedding with} Vicki who owns Deja Vu Events and Floral Design. First off, I absolutely loved Vicki as soon as I met her {I think she is just as crazy as I am 🙂 } Vicki is so attentive and truly cares about how beautiful your wedding day is.. And I know this first hand because I have seen her at the wedding that we had worked 🙂 I would recommend Deja Vu to anyone getting married.. Super affordable and super awesome florist 🙂 Vicki, I can’t wait to see how awesome everything turns out!!”

DeJa Vu

Contact Vicki Weed 845.863.7687 | Email dejavuevents@hvc.rr.com

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

Everything that Rachel mentioned is the God’s honest truth! I went along to Rachel’s Flower Consultation and we fell in love! Here’s a couple of photos of her creations from a wedding that we photographed!

VazquezWedding-3 VazquezWedding-5

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 21

If you are new to the blog and are just following along, here’s what you missed:

Rachel, my business partner/assistant/second shooter, recently got engaged and with us being photographers, thought it would be cool document her whole wedding planning process. Not only to keep these memories but to maybe help out one of our readers who may be a future bride as well as get suggestions from you guys. Here are the past posts that you’ve missed.

  1. Post 1 ~ We got a glimpse of how Rachel and her fiancé, Arthur met! It’s an adorable story including some very young pictures of them.
  2. Post 2 ~ We got to hear the story of how Arthur proposed in Bermuda! Check out that post to see her ring! It’s beautiful!
  3. Post 3 ~ Rachel said YES TO THE DRESS!! Check it out to see her experience at David’s Bridal!
  4. Venues! Venues! Venues! Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | are her weeks in search for the perfect venue! And in Post 7 you get to hear the place that she chose!!!
  5. Post 8 ~ We are back at Davids Bridal picking out the Bridesmaids Dresses as well as seeing who she chose to stand up there with her on the big day!!
  6. Post 9 (maid of honor & big sis), Post 10 (little sis), Post 11 (cousin), Post 12 (sister-in-law), Post 13 (best friend), and Post 14 (MEE) ~This is where Rachel introduces her bridesmaids and tells us the background stories of how she knows them. There are some pretty funny moments and awesome pictures!
  7. Post 15 ~ Engagement Pictures!!!! Here, we get to see Rachel’s engagement session. I also give some tips on how to make the most of your engagement session.
  8. Post 16 ~ All about the “Save The Dates.”
  9. Post 17 ~ All about the DJ and some songs you don’t want to miss being played at the wedding!
  10. Post 18 ~ Bridal Registry! This is a fun post because I filmed it rather than photographing it!! Check it out!!
  11. Post 19 ~ Speed Round Questions with the Fiance’ himself!!!
  12. Post 20 ~ Special Valentines Day Post!

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Are you all caught up?! If not, check out the post above!!! Today we get to share a little more of our photography work with today’s post!

“TO PEEK OR NOT TO PEEK…THAT IS THE QUESTION…” <–YUP! You guessed it! Today’s post is all about the First Look! Do you think Rachel will be doing a first look??? Well lets ask her…

“For those of you who don’t know.. A first look is a time when the bride and groom see each other  for the first time before the ceremony.. It is a relatively new concept and some people prefer to keep it traditional and don’t want to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle.
Let me tell you.. You can ask Erica, I wanted to keep it traditional for quite a while. Erica would always say to me “How can you not do a first look when we are photographers?!” But I was sticking to my guns, keeping it traditional.. Until maybe a year ago..
I realized a few things.. First, after shooting the weddings that choose to do a first look.. I just absolutely love the photos!! Honestly, I think the first look photos are my favorites from the entire wedding.. I love that they are personal.. It is just the bride and groom alone together. And you get both of the first reactions in one picture!
About the being alone part.. 1. You are not going to have many chances to be alone with your groom {or bride} during the day and 2. Maybe, just maybe.. If Arthur and I are alone together when he sees me for the first time, he just may cry.. It’s a long shot, but the only chance I have of it is if we are alone, not with over 100 eyes on us up at the altar 🙂
And there’s more!! You get more photos!! If you opt to do a first look, you will get more photos of just the two of you.. And aren’t those the photos that you care about the most 🙂 If you choose a different location for your first look, you will then have photos of the two of you at the first look site plus the ceremony/reception location! 
So obviously I am choosing to do a first look 🙂 And maybe just to sway all of you other future brides out there.. We are including some of mine and Erica’s favorite first look photos :)”
~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

8.15.15Chris&Patricia-90 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-898.15.15Chris&Patricia-149 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-1508.15.15Chris&Patricia-147 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-92 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-918.15.15Chris&Patricia-98 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-97 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-96 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-95 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-94 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-93 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-155 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-154 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-153 8.15.15Chris&Patricia-159

Here’s another example of one!!!

NDWedding77 NDWedding79 NDWedding80 NDWedding64 NDWedding72 NDWedding68 NDWedding94


All photos are ©EricaLee Photography. 

If you have any questions regarding what a first look entails, drop your question below! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 20

It’s our Valentines Day Edition of “Confessions Of A Future Bride!” Woohoo!!

“This year will be mine and Arthur’s tenth Valentine’s Day together.. Can you believe it.. Ten!! 
Erica requested that this week I look back on our years together.. I’m not huge on the holiday itself, we usually don’t do much. Upon being asked, I couldn’t even remember our first Valentine’s Day.. After some thinking, I did remember!! I remember that it was snowing and I only saw Art briefly after school {I think it was after school}. I remember that Art gave me a movie {I can’t for the life of me remember what movie it was} and chocolate.
I can’t remember all of our Valentine’s Days together, but there were a few that were made special. Over the years there were gifts.. Flowers, Chocolate, Balloons, Even fake flowers 🙂 Last year Art sent me Edible Arrangements to my office at work.. I was not expecting it in the slightest because of two reasons: 1. He had sent me an Edible Arrangements Chocolate Covered Strawberries Bouquet the previous year {I lovveeeee chocolate covered strawberries!} and 2. Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday so I wasn’t expecting a delivery to work on a Friday 🙂



Art and I are not a very romantic couple.. You can ask anyone who knows us 🙂  .. But Art still manages to surprise me even after nine  years :)”


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

What are your plans for Valentines Day??! 🙂

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 19

Helloooooooo Peeps!! It’s time for another entry in my blog series!

This week Rachel and I thought it would be cool to hear from the Fiance’ himself!!! So Rachel went ahead and set up a mini speed round of questions. Here are his responses!!


How did you know I was “The One”? 
 -“Because you told me you were.”
When did you know you wanted to marry me?
-“That one time that you made me bacon and eggs and the bacon was super gooey, just how I like it.. And I was like ‘Oh Man!”
For real when did you know…
-“I really don’t know..”
Did you have any ideas in mind about the thing you wanted to get me?
-“Yes, because you told me what you wanted.”
How did you decide on the ring?
-“I got help from Erica.”
What was the planning process behind asking me the big question?
I couldn’t get an answer out of him for this question…
What are you looking forward to the most about the wedding?
{Then after a little bit of harassing from me :)..}
-“Marrying my best friend.”
Awwwww.. I know he was just trying to say something to get me off his back.. And it worked 🙂

Aren’t they a trip???!!! I can’t get enough of them!

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