My Recent Loves: 1st installment

My Recent Loves

Welcome to my first installment of “My Recent Loves” where I will be discussing my current favorites in life.

1. #whatshouldwecallweddingphotography <–click and visit

OMG!! Just even writing that title makes me laugh hysterically. This has been my source of entertainment for the past few weeks. Fellow photographers will join me in laughter after reading these sayings. However, you don’t have to be a photographer to get a kick out of it. Here are some of my favorites.




This is a literal conversation with my husband!! Hahahahahahaha


I should tell you that the images are active clips, so definitely visit the website to get the full affect!

2. Big Bang Theory

What’s not to like about this show. They are a nutty cast! Bazinga!!


3. Dave Ramsey

You might want to get to know him if the name doesn’t ring a bell. He’s an awesome financial advisor helping Americans get out of debt and start living debt free. I listen to him everyday from 2:00-5:00pm on the radio. People call in and ask questions regarding their financial situations and he offers great advice, as well as steps, to eliminate your debt and begin to live on CASH! That’s right, I said it–CASH. Honestly, this short blurb doesn’t do justice for the amount of knowledge and suggestions he offers (ie. retirement, insurance, life insurance, budgeting, starting a business).

“Something magical happens when we define and write down our goals. We somehow begin to LIVE out our plans.” Dave Ramsey

A Rarity in Itself…

First off, I know it’s been awhile since the last blog post but these past couple of weeks at work (meaning my day job) have been crazy. It’s been so busy that when I come home at night, I just want to relax. But enough of that! Back to writing.


Today, something happened that barely ever happens–my husband had the day off of work. I know it seems like no big deal but with him working two jobs, I barely ever get to see him. So it was very nice to set aside a “Date Day” which is very important in a relationship. We can get caught up in the day to day things of this life and forget to set some time to “be together” even though we are together. Catch my drift?

So this morning it was very nice to sleep in. I’m a very light sleeper so when he gets up for work, I’m basically wide awake–but not today.

We were able to take a nice walk outside where I live. I love where I live! I live on top of a hill with views of the Hudson River. It’s the nicest place by far of the places that my husband and I have lived. Can you believe we’ve been married for six years and have moved seven different times??? We are hoping to get a couple of years out of this place.




Here are those views that I was talking about before.



This hill is not always fun to come up. Thank goodness for other back roads to get to my house.
This hill is not always fun to come up. Thank goodness for other back roads to get to my house.






I saw this on someone’s yard and thought it was cute!


A vacant bees nest.
A vacant bees nest.

We then went to visit an Art Gallery nearby. Today was an exhibition of Abstractions/Post Modern. It was awesome. I really wanted to take some photos but I wasn’t sure if that was proper “Art Gallery Etiquette.” I didn’t see anyone else taking photos either so the only photo I have is the one up top of the brochure.

And with this blog post, this day has come to a close. Good night everyone!