“Hello Fresh!” | Confessions Of A Newlywed

We continue our current blog series entitled, “Confessions Of A Newlywed,” where we follow my assistant’s first year of marriage. It’s a continuation our popular blog series, “Confessions Of A Future Bride!” 🙂

“So this post is a little different than past posts.. I decided to try Hello Fresh. It is one of those companies that sends you everything you need to cook a meal. Honestly, these companies are typically just too expensive for me, but I got a coupon in my email.. And I’m a sucker for coupons 🙂

So I signed up and got my 50% off. Which brought it down to $30 for three dinners.. Which I think is pretty good and made it worth a shot! You get to pick which day of the week you would like it to be delivered and pick the three meals (out of about 6 or 7 choices). 

I chose Lemongrass Pork Burgers, Rustic Beef Ragu and Roasted Pork Tenderloin. It was at my house when I came home from work on Tuesday (actually it was at my neighbors house -_- ) It was packaged with a huge ice pack to keep everything cold, which it did. And I was surprised to see it came packaged by meal.. I guess I was expecting to have to sort things outs, but they really make it easy for you! 

First, let’s go over some of my doubts going into it.. I was expecting the meals to take a while to cook. I was expecting it to be difficult to cook. And I was expecting to not have a lot of food.
I was wrong with each of those expectations 🙂 The meals were very easy to make. Each meal came with a recipe card making it super straightforward. Each of the meals was relatively fast; however, I did find that it took longer than the recipe cards said (not much though). And after each meal I was full.. Art said he wasn’t full, but also wasn’t left hungry 🙂 The only downfall is that I typically like to make meals that provide left overs for lunches the following day and with Hello Fresh that is not possible..  Also, Art wasn’t a fan of some of the ingredients.. Like the couscous.
But overall, I really loved the experience! Hello Fresh made me cook meals that I never would have thought to try before. All of the ingredients were super fresh and made the meals taste super fresh! I would most definitely recommend Hello Fresh to everyone, especially couples because it is more affordable than I feel for families and it provides something fun and different to cook!
If you are interested, click the link for a great deal on your first box!!
~Mrs. Bongiorno

I am soo glad Rachel tried this out! I was always curious about how these home delivery cooking meals worked and I’m glad that she had a good experience! I will totally be trying it by clicking that link above! Let us know if you are going to try it – we’d love to hear your experiences with it as well!!!!


On another note – who’s finished with the book of month?! If you are new to the blog, it’s not too late to join our virtual book club. Here is more information and the first book that we’ve gone through. I am soooo excited to talk about it on April 15th when we go Facebook Live!

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Things I didn’t know about house buying! | Confessions of a Newlywed

Good morning friends! It’s time for another installment of our newest blog series, “Confessions of a Newlywed!” Now it’s not too late to catch up on the blog series before this one, entitled “Confessions of a Future Bride”. It was where we documented EVERY part of my assistant’s wedding planning process. We thought since we are in the wedding business, why not offer ideas for our newest brides! Now that Rachel is married and we got a lot of great feedback from that series, we decided to continue with it. Not as a future bride but as a newlywed! 🙂

If you would like to get started on the Future Bride series, click here and scroll to the bottom where I’ve mapped out past posts for ya!

Today, we are piggy backing off of last weeks post where Rachel caught us up on what it’s been like to be married for 9 months.

“If you caught up with the blog last week, you would have seen that the only exciting thing Arthur and I have done since getting married is buy a house! We have had OUR house for about seven weeks. And I am still obsessed with it 🙂
So one thing buying a house has taught me is patience. And more patience. And even more patience. Now I know some people who it has taken even longer than Arthur and I to close on their house, but geez it is just not fair to have to wait that long when you have found the house and you are ready to move in!
Erica asked me to write about a few things that I did not know prior to buying a house or some things that had surprised me. First, I didn’t realize that the bank takes the lower of the couple’s credit scores. I guess I thought they would take an average of the two? I’m not sure what I thought lol, but I did not realize that. Also, you will need to provide bank statements after bank statements after bank statements. It feels like a million. Another thing.. It is really hard to decide when to lock in on an interest rate.. Like really hard.. Once you lock in, the rate is only good for a certain number of days.. So if you lock in right away, then your closing takes too long (like mine did due to our super slow seller) you could end up having a higher rate. It’s a total guessing game and I made my dad make the decisions for me 🙂 Lastly, I was told that at the closing I would need to sign a million papers and my hand would feel like it was about to fall off.. But it didn’t, we didn’t have to sign much and we walked out WITH THE KEYS TO OUR HOUSE in a little over a half hour 🙂 !!!!
One piece of advice from this new home owner.. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I think I had a gazillion of them. Lucky for me, my dad is in the banking business so he was able to answer a bunch of my questions. And we had a great realtor, Arthur’s Aunt Suzanne Bongiorno of Century 21 in Montgomery (Shameless plug for the great Aunt Sue 🙂  ). And we had an awesome attorney who I felt fully explained every detail and every piece of paper we were signing. 
So continue to keep checking in with the blog and at some point we will take a look inside my new home!!! :)”

~ Mrs. Bongiorno


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We Haven’t Killed Each Other Yet! | Confessions Of A Newlywed

Remember how Rachel and I started a blog series entitled, “Confessions Of A Future Bride,” where we documented her whole wedding planning process?! If you missed all of those post check this one out and scroll all the way to the bottom to see them all listed!

Well I figured, lets keep this thing going! We got sooooo many positive reviews and feedback from it that we thought it would be cool to continue and document the life of a newlywed!

Let’s read the first post!

“Confessions of a Newlywed | Post 1 | We Haven’t Killed Each Other Yet!!!


Well, here we are again… Arthur and I are going on nine months of being married! Can you believe it?! How on Earth did nine months go by?! We celebrated my first birthday as a married couple, our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, our first Christmas as a married couple, our first New Years as a married couple, and our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. And let me tell you something… It feels exactly the same as when we were dating… Or engaged 🙂 
So let’s see, what have we been up to since the last time we spoke in June.. Not much, we are pretty boring people 🙂 The big news (and I guess only news) is that we bought a house!! AHH! Finally! As much as I love my In-laws and appreciate them letting us live in their basement apartment.. I am very happy for us to have our own place!! We closed on our house at the end of January, so we are still putting things on the walls and several rooms are still filled with boxes. Butttttt, we have done quite a bit of work on the house. And let me tell you, I am absolutely in loveeeee with our house.
I don’t think there is much else to share! Keep up with the blog as we get it kick started with more weddings and a few more posts about married life :)”

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 37

Getting down to the wire!!!!!! 🙂

“Being at so many weddings I see lots of really great ideas for the favors. Some great ones from past weddings are seed paper with something like “watch our love grow,” jam/jelly with “spread the love,” drink koozies with one saying or another…
After scouring Pinterest {of course, what else would I do} I found some other great ideas.. Some needed lots of craftiness.. And others needed lots of money 🙂
I did some searching on my second favorite website, Etsy, and I found something that was different from what I had seen before and I absolutely loved it… Succulents! {Here’s the link for the shop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/SANPEDROCACTUS } They offer a million different options.. Different types of assortments. Some come in pretty little pots for wedding favors {but of course those cost more 🙂 } So I went with the cheaper option and if you remember back to all of the burlap I had purchased, I will be wrapping each plant in burlap :). It will be a bit of a task, but that is what I have my amazing bridal party for 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.19.21 PM

They should be delivered by Friday, so get ready girls 🙂
Almost a week until the wedding! This is all happening so fast! This week we picked up our wedding bands, met with the DJ, today I will meet with the florist and tomorrow we sit down with my brother {David, our officiant} to go over the ceremony.. And I also scheduled for me and my girls to get our manis and pedis 🙂 It has been a super busy week!”
~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 36

Let’s just call today’s post #weddingTHURSDAY just for today! I feel like this whole month is extremely busy with Rachel trying to tie any loose ends for the wedding as well as being in the middle of a very busy wedding season. This weekend is Rachel’s Bachelorette Party Weekend! Woohoo!!!!! You won’t want to miss those pictures! Make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see photos from this weekend!!!

If you are new to the blog and are just following along, here’s what you missed:

Rachel, my business partner/assistant/second shooter, recently got engaged and with us being photographers, thought it would be cool document her whole wedding planning process. Not only to keep these memories but to maybe help out one of our readers who may be a future bride as well as get suggestions from you guys. Here are the past posts that you’ve missed.

  1. Post 1 ~ We got a glimpse of how Rachel and her fiancé, Arthur met! It’s an adorable story including some very young pictures of them.
  2. Post 2 ~ We got to hear the story of how Arthur proposed in Bermuda! Check out that post to see her ring! It’s beautiful!
  3. Post 3 ~ Rachel said YES TO THE DRESS!! Check it out to see her experience at David’s Bridal!
  4. Venues! Venues! Venues! Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | are her weeks in search for the perfect venue! And in Post 7 you get to hear the place that she chose!!!
  5. Post 8 ~ We are back at Davids Bridal picking out the Bridesmaids Dresses as well as seeing who she chose to stand up there with her on the big day!!
  6. Post 9 (maid of honor & big sis), Post 10 (little sis), Post 11 (cousin), Post 12 (sister-in-law), Post 13 (best friend), and Post 14 (MEE) ~This is where Rachel introduces her bridesmaids and tells us the background stories of how she knows them. There are some pretty funny moments and awesome pictures!
  7. Post 15 ~ Engagement Pictures!!!! Here, we get to see Rachel’s engagement session. I also give some tips on how to make the most of your engagement session.
  8. Post 16 ~ All about the “Save The Dates.”
  9. Post 17 ~ All about the DJ and some songs you don’t want to miss being played at the wedding!
  10. Post 18 ~ Bridal Registry! This is a fun post because I filmed it rather than photographing it!! Check it out!!
  11. Post 19 ~ Speed Round Questions with the Fiance’ himself!!!
  12. Post 20 ~ Special Valentines Day Post!
  13. Post 21 ~ To Peek or Not To Peek…That is the question!!! Will Rachel be doing a first look?
  14. Post 22 ~ Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!!! Time to talk about the Bouquet.
  15. Post 23 ~ This post is all about the Wedding Cake! mmmmmmmmmm
  16. Post 24 ~ Checklist of what has been done so far and what’s left to do!
  17. Post 25 ~ Tuxes Tuxes Tuxes!!! Arthur get’s his Tuxes! Rachel came up with a beautiful look for the guys!
  18. Post 26 ~ A Wedding DIY!!
  19. Post 27 ~ Rachel’s Hairstyle Ideas | Part I
  20. Post 28 ~ A post all about the rules or traditions that Rachel is either keeping or doing away with!
  21. Post 29 ~ The post that everyone has been waiting for!!! RACHEL’S WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! WOOHOO!!!
  22. Post 30 ~ She booked her honeymoon! Check out where Art & Rachel are going!!!
  23. Post 31 ~ Wedding Bands! Soo pretty!!!
  24. Post 32 ~ Invitations
  25. Post 33 ~ Rachel’s Hairstyle Ideas | Part II
  26. Post 34 ~ Another Wedding DIY – Table Numbers
  27. Post 35 ~ Rachel’s Bridal Shower

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Which brings us to today’s post – ANOTHER DIY!!

“As I had said two weeks ago when writing about the table numbers.. I had planned to go to Michael’s to buy table numbers and a card box. So off to pick up Rebekah I went {I drag her along with everything 🙂 } We decided to go to Middletown so we would have the choice of Michael’s or AC Moore. {I honestly don’t remember if I had written any of this when talking about the table numbers, so I am sorry if I am repeating myself 🙂 } 
I went into both stores to check out the available card boxes.. The only box from both stores that I liked was $40.. And I don’t know if I have mentioned this before or not, but I am super cheap.. Like super cheap 🙂 I wasn’t in love with the box so I could not justify to myself spending $40 on it.
We happened to be walking through AC Moore and happened upon some decorative bird cages that were on sale.. On a side note, Rebekah has an obsession with birdcages.. But I was able to get a large bird cage for $12!! Much better than $40 🙂
So at a later date, Rebekah and I sat down to turn the bird cage into  a card box. We were not really too sure where we were going so we Pinterested {of course} some ideas. We had a bunch of leftover supplies from my bridal shower and such.. Twine, ribbon, flowers, burlap.. We tried a few different things before deciding on using some leftover burlap {from the table runners}, some flowers {from the centerpieces at my shower}, and paper {that will be used for my place cards} to complete the look. We did have to use a few different sheets of paper because I made Rebekah write the work “Cards” a million times before I decided I liked it 🙂

IMG_0528 IMG_0524 IMG_0522 IMG_0519


Since everything else was repurposed from another date.. It really only cost $12!! AMAZING 🙂 

IMG_0531 IMG_0530

Okay people.. We are in the final stretch! Two weeks from Friday! Ah! Scary! I have so many meetings I have to schedule with a million different people! Also, Arthur and I will be picking up our marriage license today!! :)”
~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 35

23 more days until Rachel’s big day!!! Woohooo!!!!

Oh My Goodness….. I was so surprised by my bridal shower 😉 I was semi-surprised.. I do love surprises, but I also love trying to figure out what everyone else but me knows. I’m a little {teeny, tiny bit} nosey 🙂  


I have to say, my ladies {and my man} did I really good job hiding it from me! And trying to trick me into thinking it was another date 🙂 They even went so far as to having Arthur create a fake invitation and leave it in plain site.. But little did they know, I did not even look at it! I like to figure out surprises by following the clues, not being told straight out 🙂
So anyway, my girls planned an awesome day for me and even got the help of my awesome boss to make the food.. I was really, truly shown how much everyone cares for me and how much they would do for me 🙂
My girls included some of my favorite bridal shower games including: Who knows Arthur best? and What’s in your purse? Unfortunately, I did not know who wins Arthur best.. But his mother won, so I guess I will take the loss to her 😉 Annddd I also did not win what’s in your purse; I moved over to a small purse from my massive one last year and had to condense 🙂
I received some great gifts!! My big gift, that I almost did not include on my registry, a roomba was given to me by my amazing girls and my mom 🙂 I love, love, love, love, love, love, love {times a million!!} my roomba! It is the best invention in the whole entire world.. I think I should get a cut from roomba because I tell everyone and anyone I meet that they need to get one 🙂 I also received a KitchenAid mixer from my {soon to be} mother in law! And tons and tons of amazing gifts.. Rachael Ray {my favorite} pots and pans, pyrex, towels, hampers, a waffle iron, a blender, a spice rack, a wine rack, comforters and more comforters {those who know me well, know that I have a weird love for blankets} .. just to name a few 🙂

13221256_10154023310426413_6899907417859338428_o 13235678_10154023311871413_7075686624753146361_o 12440786_10154023311196413_5346308541188609639_o 13244026_10154023310456413_2767276990177486655_o 13227560_10154023311161413_3452714504995403895_o 13221327_10154023312491413_5872338586450879935_o 13227321_10154023312696413_3279975526123479313_o 13248449_10154023312376413_9218445989290914850_o 13217248_10154023312326413_8769107635506804366_o 13268154_10154023312036413_5033101375189189685_o 13254345_10154023312031413_4643127192947613929_n


It was a super amazing day.. And now I am ready for the wedding.. Just kidding, I am totally not ready 🙂 AND TODAY IS JUNE 1ST!! WHERE ON EARTH DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!
~ The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 34

Happy Hump Day and #weddingwednesday!! Rachel’s wedding is approximately 29 days away! Rachel says she has soo much to do still but after looking at our posts, I can assure her that she’s basically got everything done!! 😉 This week is all about table numbers!

“I got home from work today {Tuesday.. I write these the night before you see them 🙂 } and I decided to go to Michael’s.. So, I grabbed my little sister, Rebekah, and off we went. I went in looking for table numbers and a card box {This post is about the table numbers, we will get to the card box at a later date}

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.26.29 PM

I had an inspiration for the table numbers.. I wanted wooden numbers covered in silver glitter. But let me tell you.. It was a lot harder to find wood numbers than I thought it would be! There are wood letters everywhere, but no numbers! I went to both Michael’s and A.C. Moore and only found one full set of wood numbers..So I just went with them, they were a little bit smaller than I would have liked but like I said I just went with them 🙂
So at 9:00 at night, I got to my parent’s house and decided to start the table numbers.. Rebekah and I had decided to go with the spray glue. I am not too sure if this was a good idea or not still 🙂 It only took about 25 minutes to get them all glittered up…….. BUT…….. It took probably about the same amount of time to get the glue/glitter mixture off of my fingers as it did to get it on the numbers 🙂

IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0495 IMG_0493

I do really like how they came out; however, they most definitely need a second coat. For now they are at my parent’s house still drying. When applying the second coat, I will wear gloves for sure {Especially since I an still trying to peel the glue off my hands as I am typing}.”


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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**Thanks again for joining us on this journey of documenting Rachel's wedding planning process!!!! We've received so much love from you all especially when we are out and about and brides say things like, "Oh I love that venue," or "I love what your wedding cake will be!"