“Let’s Go!” | Project 365

After much consideration and some encouraging words/text messages from my friends and supporters, I have decided to jump in-full force into this challenge called Project 365! It all started when I visited Click It Up a Notch. Courtney  had just recently posted that she would be starting ANOTHER project 365. Can you believe she had already completed one???!!! Project 365 is basically when you post a picture a day for a whole year. I had contemplated many times to start this challenge but didn’t seem to have the courage to start. I have a big fear of failure. I knew if I started something and stopped, that I would beat myself up for it. But you know what? Who do I have to prove? No one. That is why I’ve given myself some friendly rules and goals about Click It Up a Notch’s Project 365.


  1. Don’t forget about your priorities. Let’s face it-I’m bound to miss a day or two of posting. I’m married and have two jobs. My day job at the Accounting Firm and my Photography Business (I have to make sure that my clients needs are met). Plus a house to maintain and so on and so forth.
  2. Don’t get discouraged if you miss a couple of days. I can see it already-I’m a perfectionist and hate messing anything up. But I promise to dust off my shoulders and move on.
  3. Have Fun. That one is self explanatory.
  4. Don’t become obsessed with capturing the perfect moment that I don’t enjoy the moment. I copied that rule from Courtney.


  1. Make it through the whole year. I think that’s everyone’s goal.
  2. Make some new friends. There are over a hundred people participating in this challenge. I hope to connect with many (or at least one).
  3. See a change or growth in your work. I hope to see an improvement in my photography. There is always room for growth and I can’t wait to see my creative juices flowing.

Well…that’s all that I could think of at the moment.

Friends–wish me good luck! I’m really going to try and will need your help to make it through this coming year!!!

Click It Up A Notch

Saturday morning thoughts.

It’s chilly. It’s sunny. There are leaves on the ground. I will probably be wearing my favorite boots today. I’m contemplating when I will be getting up and “going.” <–Some thoughts that have gone through my head since I woke up this morning. I’ve been up since 5:00am today. I was able to fall back to sleep a little but that light sleep that feels like you are still awake. If you are a light sleeper and sleep with someone, then you can probably share in the same sentiment as me that I can never get a full night of sleep. My husband snores and tosses and turn all throughout the night. It can be frustrating sometimes but I know he doesn’t know half of the things that he does in the middle of the night. I usually just play around on my phone, answer emails (people probably think why I reply to their emails sooo early in the morning Haha) and read the Word. Surprisingly, I’m not tired. It’s been a productive morning as far as editing goes. If only I can say that about my duties around the house. Hey, now, be fair. I made my bed!

I feel like my brain goes a mile a minute with ideas, emotions and thoughts about my life. I want to do so many things. I’m excited about where things are going but am taking each day as it comes. Taking it day by day, hour by hour. So as 1:00pm quickly approaches, I think, it’s time for some lunch and me to get ready to shop for some blankets for a newborn session!! Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday.

And just because I feel like every blog post should end with a photo, here’s a picture taken at Lawrence Farms.