{Behind the Lens}

Erica & David

My name is Erica Freitas, I’m 26 years old and a photographer. I work at an Accounting Firm as an Administrative Assistant. I’m located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York. Self taught photographer for  the past year. I married my highschool sweetheart and have been married for 6 years!

~ What I believe ~

I believe in Jesus. I believe in Love and not just any kind of love. The can’t live without you love (I actually struggle with separation anxiety when my husband leaves for long trips and I am not with him). I believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

~ Random Fun Facts ~

I am Puerto Rican and African American. I’m a left handed. I like to sing even though I can’t hold a tone.  I love to eat but not really a fan of cooking.  I love Spanish food and can eat it all day. I secretly wish I was a detective on “The First 48 Hours” and am interested in crimes where women kill (aren’t women suppose to be the nurturing type??? how could they do such a thing?). I am a hug fan of “I Love Lucy” and wish that I could have met Marilyn Monroe. If I could flash back to any time period, it would be the 50’s in NYC.

{I would love to capture your life: your newborn, toddler, family and wedding.  Let me help you keep your memories.}

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Nice to *meet* you, Erica! Always nice to run into fellow believers on the web! Hurray, Jesus! (Or, hurry….for that matter!) I look forward to spending some time here to check out your work! By the way, if you’re in NY, you might check out wedding photographer JP Elario (just do a quick Google search). AWESOME wedding photog!

    1. *^_^* Nice to meet you as well!! It’s always encouraging meeting fellow believers! I will def. look up that photographer! Thanks for the suggestion.

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