“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 14

If you are new to the blog and are just following along, here’s what you missed:

Rachel, my business partner/assistant/second shooter, recently got engaged and being photographers, thought it would be cool document her whole wedding planning process. Not only to keep these memories but to maybe help out one of our readers who may be a future bride as well as get suggestions from you guys. Here are the past posts that you’ve missed.

  1. Post 1 ~ We got a glimpse of how Rachel and her fiancé, Arthur met! It’s an adorable story including some very young pictures of them.
  2. Post 2 ~ We got to hear the story of how Arthur proposed in Bermuda! Check out that post to see her ring! It’s beautiful!
  3. Post 3 ~ Rachel said YES TO THE DRESS!! Check it out to see her experience at David’s Bridal!
  4. Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | are her weeks in search for the perfect venue! And in Post 7 you get to hear the place that she chose!!!
  5. Post 8 ~ We are back at Davids Bridal picking out the Bridesmaids Dresses as well as seeing who she chose to stand up there with her on the big day!!
  6. Post 9, Post 10, Post 11, Post 12, and Post 13 ~This is where Rachel introduces her bridesmaids and tells us the background stories of how she knows them. There are some pretty funny moments and awesome pictures! Today she ends with her final bridesmaid -ME!
“Last, but certainly not least, in the bridesmaid series is my sister {in-law}, Erica. Erica isn’t my sister-in-law, she is simply my sister. 

Erica 5

Erica and my brother, David, begin dating when {I believe} I was in eighth grade. I remember meeting Erica outside of my middle school. I don’t know when or how it happened, but Erica and I became inseparable. My freshman year and Erica’s senior year of high school, we were both at Valley Central together. We arranged our schedules to have lunch and a few electives together.. Like our parenting class.. And in parenting, Erica and I became mothers to our little baby chick, Nevaeh.. I just have to let you guys know that Erica picked the name {That was her favorite name at the time.. I will not embarrass myself and tell you what my favorite name was :)} 

Erica 3

When David and Erica became engaged, Erica asked me to be her Maid of Honor. At sixteen years old, I stood beside two of my best friends as they were wed.. And Erica officially became part of the Freitas Family {Lucky girl 🙂  } But as I recall, in my speech I said something along the lines of ..Erica today you officially become part of our family, but you were already a part of our family.. And it’s true, when asked I say I have three sisters {There is no need to include the in-law part}

Erica 4

So let’s fast forward a few years to Erica deciding to begin a photography business. I told Erica to show me her ways and I’ll join her in the adventure.. We heard from people that it’s not good to go into business with friends and family, that it can cause problems and be very tricky.. But I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Erica and I provide the perfect balance to each other and have so much fun while working together. 

Erica 2

Erica, you are the yin to my yang: my sister, a best friend and my business partner. I have to thank David for falling in love you with on the school bus and bringing you into my life 🙂 Here’s to many, many more adventures together as both our families and business grow! Love you more than words can say!”

Erica 1

~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

We have some great post coming up so make sure to come back every Wednesday!!!!

Next weeks post is her engagement session! We will be giving tips on how to have a fun an engagement session, what can you expect from your photographers and what to wear!

We are also going to be bringing on the Future Husband for his viewpoint on how this whole wedding planning process is going. We will get to see how he came to choose THE RING and what he’s looking forward to for the big day!

And we will put that important question to rest –> “If Erica isn’t photographing their wedding, then WHO IS??!!” HAHA

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 13

Hey Friends!!! Happy Wednesday!! It’s been awesome getting to know Rachel’s bridal party, hasn’t it? I feel like when choosing the people in your bridal party, it has to be with people that you have a history with! When Rachel and I photograph the wedding, we love asking our couples how they met the people in their bridal party. It’s always fun to hear the background story.

Let’s take a look at another one of Rachel’s bridesmaids:

“Samantha and I met in college.. We were long lost sisters from opposite sides of the river. We quickly realized how similar our interests and lives in general were.
Sam and I both began Mount Saint Mary College in the Fall of 2007. We were both majoring in Math going for Elementary Education. We also shared the same advisor.
 Sam 1
We met in GenEd.. I’m sure no one here knows what GenEd is.. It was a {really unnecessary} class that Mount Saint Mary’s had attempted with our year being the guinea pigs {I am pretty sure it failed the following year}. BUT.. I have to thank GenEd for introducing me to My Samantha 🙂  

Sam 3

Sam and I slowly became inseparable. We decided that we should take all of the classes together that we could.. And that is exactly what we did.. We would even visit our advisor together 🙂 We were able to schedule almost every single class together every semester. Our teachers knew us as a pair. There was no Samantha without Rachel and no Rachel without Samantha. Always sitting next to each other, always side by side. Always whispering to/giggling with each other and in turn ending up volunteering ourselves for whatever task was at hand by doing so.

Sam 4

I could not have survived college without Sam.. I could not survive today without Sam.

Sam 2

Sam, I miss seeing you every day like we did in college, but I am so glad that we have been able to stay so close still to this day.. Four years after college has ended. You have seen mine and Arthur’s relationship grow from one year into nine years later and now you will stand beside me on my wedding day. I cannot wait to continue to share milestones with each other.. Samantha and Rachel, Rachel and Samantha.”
~ The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 12

Happy #weddingwednesday!!! We took last week off to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday but we are back at it today!! How was everybody’s Thanksgiving?!

“We are half way through my bridesmaid introductions.. Three down, three to go!
Up this week is my Soon-To-Be Sister-In-Law, Lauren. Lauren is my Arturo’s big sister, his only sister. Lauren and Arthur are two years apart, so they have their own whole host of stories about each other.. But mine and Lauren’s story begins nine years ago when Arthur and I started dating..
Lauren {Along with probably every family member of mine and Arthur’s} has been harassing Art to marry me for the past few years.. So of course I love her dearly! I was just looking back at some former Facebook posts between Lauren, Arthur and I and mannyyy of them contained Lauren in one way or another asking Art what the heck was taking him so long.


Certainly there are other reasons that I love Lauren 🙂 
Lauren is my confidant at all of the Bongiorno family parties. We have spent many, many Christmas parties sitting on the couch at Aunt Cheryl’s with it only taking a face to convey an entire conversation. Lauren is the perfect person to help me to pick on Arthur.. We are probably the two who have to most ammo on him 🙂 {Sorry Art, Love you babe 🙂  } 
Best of all, Lauren is helping to {Again} make me my most favorite thing on the earth.. An Auntie!! This time I will be an Auntie x2, when Lauren brings my new nephews into this world!!


Lauren, the card I got you for your baby shower read “You got this! I have your back!” And it’s true, {Arthur and} I will ALWAYS be there for you.. As I’m sure you would say the same to us.. Love ya girl 🙂
And just for fun, here is a throwback of Lauren and Arthur!”


~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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