Happy Valentines Day <3

I know…I know…a blog post about how great my other half is on Valentines Day…is that cliché of me to do?? Well ya know what?? I can’t help it!

He is pretty GREAT!!!!

So I will try my hardest to not write such a cliché post but instead tell you all some of my favorite things about my husband David!

  1. He’s my best friend! I don’t really like doing many things without him (there goes that separation anxiety thing I once mention that I have with him).
  2. I have my very own stylist!!!! He dresses me!!! If it were up to me, I’d look like a hot mess.
  3. He supports me especially when it comes to me and my current dream of being a photographer.
  4. He’s patient with me and all of my shenanigans.
  5. He breaks out into some awesome dance moves especially at the mall!!!
  6. His laugh is hilarious and if he starts going then it’s pretty hard for me not to follow!
  7. He’s generous! He lets me have the lasts of anything!!

Happy Valentines Day Babe!!

Happy Valentines Day Babe!! I love you! I love how much fun we have together and how we can be so silly with each other. Thank you for always being there for me.


Spring Mini Session 2013!!!!!!!

There are 38 more days until Spring and I’m soooo excited to announce that “Spring Mini Sessions” are here!!!!!

Spring Mini Sessions 2013

Spring Mini Sessions are designed for families or couples to get updated photos without paying for a full specialized session.

WHO: Anyone (maximum 6 people*)

WHAT: 2o minutes, 5 photos, $75

WHEN: Saturday April 27th and May 11th

email me at efreitas116@gmail.com to book and receive more information!!!

Time slots are limited so you book yours quickly!!

April 27th Time Slots:                                  May 11th Time Slots:

10:00am — open                                            10:00am — open

10:30am — open                                            10:30am — open

11:00am — open                                            11:00am — open

11:30am — open                                             11:30am — open

1:00pm — open                                              1:00pm — open

1:30pm — open                                              1:30pm — open

2:00pm — open                                              2:00pm — BOOKED

Payment is due at the time of your appointment. ***

Snow Day!!!

Not really…but I was able to go home early today, so it was sort of a snow day. As you all know, by day my trade is an Administrative Assistant for an Accounting Firm. The thing that’s great about my job is that I do something fairly different everyday that I go in. I have so many different responsibilities. Some days are stressful but by the grace of God, I make it through. I started this job towards the end of tax season last year so this year I’m sort of nervous as to what tax season will have to bring. When co-workers talk about it, it has a dreadful sound to it . “Tax Season” DUH–DUH–DUHHHH!!!! While others may rejoice for their refund checks, the Accountants cringe at the thought of being extremely busy and having to go in to the office on Saturdays.

Nemo’s finally here! As in, the huge Northeastern Blizzard. We are expecting 1-2ft. of snow. I really don’t like the snow. It’s pretty to look at but very dangerous to drive in. I was able to snap a few photos.

Foot Prints
Foot Prints

Right now, I’d say there’s 2 inches on the ground. How is it in your area????? Where are you located?



This past Sunday was pretty fun. After church I went out to Popeyes for some “finger lickin good” chicken! 🙂 My husband can never take serious pictures.

Went to the in-laws after but eventually landed at a friend’s house for a Superbowl party!!! It’s always nice getting together with friends. The majority of my friends have children, so it’s always interesting when hanging out. They are so beautiful. Can’t wait til I join the club of motherhood.

Aren’t they cuties??!!! And a Superbowl isn’t complete without snacks, pizza and wings!!

On another note, I finally got an external flash for my camera!!! It came in the mail yesterday! I’m sooo happy that little by little my equipment is coming together because of my sessions. I hope to continue on with the momentum!

Now off to respond to an email inquiring about my wedding services (ie. pricing etc.)

Fun at the bookstore {Orange County, NY Childrens Photographer}

What’s more fun than photographing at a new location! Why not a bookstore?! I was up for the challenge since I seemed to have pick the worst time to go–when the store is crowded! Hahaha You live and you learn, I guess. I’m happy with the results! This little boy was sooo adorable and fun to work with!

He's soo trendy! His mom knows how to dress him!!
He’s soo trendy! His mom knows how to dress him!!