Spring Mini Session 2013!!!!!!!

There are 38 more days until Spring and I’m soooo excited to announce that “Spring Mini Sessions” are here!!!!!

Spring Mini Sessions 2013

Spring Mini Sessions are designed for families or couples to get updated photos without paying for a full specialized session.

WHO: Anyone (maximum 6 people*)

WHAT: 2o minutes, 5 photos, $75

WHEN: Saturday April 27th and May 11th

email me at efreitas116@gmail.com to book and receive more information!!!

Time slots are limited so you book yours quickly!!

April 27th Time Slots:                                  May 11th Time Slots:

10:00am — open                                            10:00am — open

10:30am — open                                            10:30am — open

11:00am — open                                            11:00am — open

11:30am — open                                             11:30am — open

1:00pm — open                                              1:00pm — open

1:30pm — open                                              1:30pm — open

2:00pm — open                                              2:00pm — BOOKED

Payment is due at the time of your appointment. ***

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