Ramny + Dayami {Engaged} | New York City & Hudson Valley, NY Photographer

I felt so honored to have received an inquiry for an engagement session from two beautiful couples who lived in the City! And before actually meeting face to face together, I knew that I would immediately love these two. I have a questionnaire that I always give to my couples when they choose me so that I can get to know them as well as help me figure out what they expect from me. When we spoke on the phone, they requested a Vintage/Urban theme but at the same time they entrusted my creative juices. I love consultations where the couples trust me creatively! Here are some of my favorite photos!



















Stay tuned for photos from their wedding!!!!


5 thoughts on “Ramny + Dayami {Engaged} | New York City & Hudson Valley, NY Photographer”

  1. These two are so cute together! I love these photos – I love how you pose your couples NOT hanging on each other. I hate those. I love the real life you capture in your photos – they don’t looked posed – there is such a naturalness to these. I know this couple is so happy they choose you to be their photographer. When I got married our photographer was so disorganized he lost all our photos. . . all of them! After five years he found our wedding photos, called my dad and my father bought them as a surprise for me. The photographer never found our engagement photos. Sadly, I think he went out of business.

    1. I actually have to say this couple knew what they were doing when it came to posing. There was very little direction from me which always makes my job easier. I can’t wait to post some photos from their wedding. Wow…I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your wedding and engagement photos. That’s terrible. I also feel like that’s one of my biggest fears about this business. I don’t want anything to happen to my clients photos. I couldn’t stand to break the news to them that my camera broke of that I lost their photos. I’m glad you were able to at least get something.

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