“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 29


“The time has come!! Now to introduce the most important part of the wedding day 😉 THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!! 
So, of course, this was going to be a big part of my wedding planning… How does a wedding photographer pick their own wedding photographer?! After some searching and looking around, Erica helped me to discover Maddy at Mad Hearts Photography. There is a fun background story as to how Erica knows Maddy. When Erica first began her photography journey, Maddy was the one who helped Erica to learn the ropes and discover some new techniques.. And I think that helps to describe Maddy perfectly. She is exactly that type of person, one who would help someone out {including a newbie photographer}. 
Arthur and I were able to meet Maddy recently to complete our engagement photos {If you remember, Arthur and I had completed pictures with Erica not too long after our engagement}, but I think it is so important to have an engagement session with your wedding photographer so you can learn how you work with each other and get a see a sample of their great work!!
You can see some great photos from our engagement session from Maddy at Mad Hearts Photography!! Which one is your fav?!”

RAE0101 RAE0192 RAE0223 RAE0567 RAE0697BW RAE0852 RAE0977

~ The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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