“Confessions Of A Future Bride” | Post 25

And the saga continues….lol…just kidding…onto this weeks #weddingwednesdays post!

Week 25!

“Tuxes were something that I almost forgot about to be honest 🙂 My Pinterest board has very little with anything concerning Arthur on the wedding day.. It’s all about me.. Duh! 🙂
I wanted grey tuxes for Art and the Groomsmen for sure.. I personally like grey suits better than black for a few reasons.. 1) I am having a summer wedding and I think black is too dark for the season 2) The guys stand in the sun during the ceremony and 3) Sometimes I think black tuxes can look a little waiter-ish 🙂 So I was set on grey for Art and the guys.. Until I saw my inspiration picture on Pinterest. I love that the groom is in navy and the rest of the men are in grey. I thought it was so different than anything else I had seen, but it looks so good! The groom should stand out on the wedding day too right 🙂


So off to Men’s Wearhouse we went. Arthur and I were joined by some of his groomsmen as the men were fitted for their tuxes.. This is definitely not as fun of a process as the girls getting their dresses 🙂 But one more item to check off my To-Do List!

IMG_0077 IMG_0076 IMG_0079 IMG_0088 IMG_0082 IMG_0080

AHHH!!! I just realized that tomorrow {Or today for those reading the #WeddingWednesday post} marks 100 days until the wedding!”
~The Future Mrs. Bongiorno

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