The Creativity Project | “Feet, Hands, Bodies, Wrinkles, Age, Fun”

Fun with Feet!

This past summer I watched one of my best friends daughter play soccer for the first time. It was so adorable to see these little itty children running around playing [not so great] soccer. Hahaha I especially remember two kids just wanting to talk to each other the whole game. It was sooooooooo cute!

When I thought about this month’s theme, I immediately was brought back to this day.










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7 thoughts on “The Creativity Project | “Feet, Hands, Bodies, Wrinkles, Age, Fun””

  1. You got all the sweetness of life “hands – feet -FUN!!! Love all the sweetness here! Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  2. Lol! Watching my nephews play, it’s the exact same thing – no one is actually playing or trying to play the game! They’re definitely cute though!

  3. How cute are those babies? You are mighty brave to get down in front of them to take pictures.. lol! Lucky that you didn’t lose a lens or your teeth, but you got the shots!

  4. i adore kids soccer games because it’s rarely any real game playing, lol! (i am there to hear intense soccer dads and nervous soccer moms in their glory) love these shots,adorable little one!

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