The Creativity Project | “Storytelling”

When I was a little girl, some of my favorite stories that were read to me were fairytales. You know – the ones that had a princess who lived in a castle…yada yada yada. It was always fun to imagine myself ‘once upon a time, in a faraway land living in a castle’ but then I grew up and reality hit. Hahaha. But castles are real and I recently got to spend the night in one!2014-06-09_0004



This month’s theme at The Creativity Project is “Storytelling.” I’d like to share with your my true story of a night spent at a Castle for my birthday!





Sitting on 100 acres in the middle of New Jersey’s Botanical Gardens is The Castle at Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ. My husband was so sweet to have thought of such a special gift for me.












This castle has been turned into a bed and breakfast. We only stayed one night but I was so refreshed and renewed the next day when we woke up. It is so relaxing to just sit out and read a book in the middle of fields. I would definitely suggest this cute getaway to anyone who’s interested.

I got to live a childhood dream with my prince charming.

Please follow the circle to Dan Beeler at dtbphotography to see his interpretation of “Storytelling.”

We at The Creativity Project want to see your interpretation as well! Please share your storytelling photos at our Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “The Creativity Project | “Storytelling””

  1. What a gorgeous castle, it looks like a dream come true. The images are so vibrant and the textures on the castle were incredible. Beautifully captured my friend.

  2. Oh my gosh. I cannot think of a better present to give a photographer than that! To be able to spend time taking glorious photos and then spend the night with Prince Charming? Absolutely perfect! That man is a keeper… and those shots are so beautiful!

  3. i, literally, GUSHED the entire way through this post! i loved your opening paragraph as it spoke to many our girlish fantasies and what a beautiful, beautiful pictorial to accompany it!

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