The L Family {Orange/Ulster County, NY Family, Portrait Photographer}

I have been wanting to do this family’s session for the longest time now–probably since I decided that I wanted to get into photography. The reason for that is (a) I love this family. The mother and matriarch of the family is one of my closest friends and (b) They are just beautiful looking family.

So when prom season came around, the mom decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to capture both the prom night and memory of a beautiful close family. Everyone knows that prom day/night is a special event in and of itself. And for this family, it’s a joyous yet hard time, I would think, since this is the last prom that this mom will ever get to experience. Her last born baby girl is graduating High School. This made the session even more meaningful to me. I wanted to provide beautiful photos of a beautiful girl all dressed up alongside her handsome brothers and beautiful mom.

Here is the beautiful prom queen, herself. (Well I’m not actually sure if she was crowned prom queen but she is in my book) 






Here she is with her brothers!!!


Here are a couple with one of the brothers and long time girlfriend. I love this grin that he’s giving her!!




Here are a couple of silly photos!!




There is no other love than a mothers love of her boys!! I can’t wait until I have boys of my own.


And lastly, a nice group shot of the “L” family. I love you all! Denise–you have done an amazing job!! You should be proud!!!



3 thoughts on “The L Family {Orange/Ulster County, NY Family, Portrait Photographer}”

  1. Erica: I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pictures!! A wonderful day progressed as we ran around and did, hair make and dress….but you just brought the whole package together!! I love your personality and that “special eye” you have for a unique picture. We received many compliments on the pictures and I can still run into someone in the grocery store and they say “what great pictures”!!!

  2. This girl is 18??? I am so glad we don’t live close! My 18 year old son would want to meet her. He is 6’7″ and to cute!!! She is gorgeous!!! and I love! love! love! these photos! you did such a wonderful job! and yes! your right about a mother’s love for her sons – I don’t know what it is but it’s real!

    1. I can’t wait to find out this “real” love when I have boys of my own! Yes-she’s 18 and she’s soo tiny. She’s like 4’10” so that would be funny to look at next your son who is 6’7″.

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