My Husband {Orange County, NY Portrait Photographer}

When you need somebody to practice shooting with, why not turn to your husband?

Fact: I met my husband in the 10th grade on the school bus.

Fact: I wasn’t attracted to him at first but he made my heart melt a year later.

Fact: I feel like he knows everything there is to know about sports.

Fact: He’s the clumsiest person I know.










But on a serious note, “David Freitas is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni.” -Juno


4 thoughts on “My Husband {Orange County, NY Portrait Photographer}

  1. Eric these pics are great but they make me cry. What happened to little David ?? He and my son grew up together when we all lived in the trailer park. They played together almost everyday. They have grown into men before our very eyes. Where did the time go. 😦

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