“Something magical happens when we define and write down our goals. We somehow begin to live out our plans.”–Dave Ramsey

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My sister in law got me this journal for Christmas and it brought a tear to my eyes. First off, I absolutely love this quote and secondly her message inside hit home. She said “…and know that you deserve it all…” which really meant a lot to me since I’ve struggled in the past with confidence and fear of failure. But I should have the attitude of –I am worthy of succeeding at something–that I am capable of doing anything (through Christ who strengthens me, of course).

So I am taking her advice along with the Dave Ramsey and “WRITING IT DOWN.” These are some of my goals for the next 5 years. Although I am afraid of falling short, this is sort of the first step in facing my fears.

  • I would like to have a baby
  • I’d love to shoot at least 3 weddings this year
  • Catch the perfect “I Do” kiss
  • Be an amazing Youth Group Leader
  • Continue to pray and intercede for my husband
  • Have my own booth and work at a wedding show
  • Have a professional website designer design a blog/website for me
  • Shoot a destination wedding
  • Be featured in wedding blogs/magazines
  • Shoot wonderful family/children sessions

That seems like a fairly good place to end! I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me!

{Have you checked out the facelift this blog has had? This wasn’t the same layout from when I started. I now have “scrolling images” haha I think that’s what you call it on the HOME PAGE. The blog is still under a little construction but I like it so far}

5 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. So iPhone commenting strikes again, wrote a comment and poof no comment. Good thing my MacBook is here.

    I have that same journal and I know someone made fun of me for the quote I want to say it was Kiki but I’m not sure lol. But with the WordPress design check out my site http://mooninacup.com then check out Vanita at http://thestrategicmama.com she’s awesome and she does my design and SEO training, but it’s expensive (worth it though). Also check out Sarah at http://onestarrynight.com she can design but also gives great tips. =]

      1. I don’t think so cause it will pop up with a note usually. I think my iPhone just doesn’t like to comment on blogs lol.

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